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    a sea of un●intelligible Slavic sounds, ●no more to be heard.The feeling o▓f loneliness grows upon one, and the impressi▓on becomes constantly stronger t▓hat Russi

    a is a world for itself. Bu▓t there is an end to everything, even to ▓a railroad journey without books, ●without papers, and without conversation.At● the dawn of the cle

    ve▓ry two
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    ar, wintry day one may● already distinguish the signs of a great c▓ity.A station with magnificent buildings an●d a well-cared-for park stretchin●g almost to the tra

    cks claims our atte●ntion after the many unimpressive sigh●ts of the long road.We deci●pher the name Gatschina, and u●nderstand why there is such a● strong police force on

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    the platf▓orm.This is the Winter Palace.Scarce▓ly an hour later the gilded cupolas stan▓d out bright above the snow; the brak●es are put on; we are in St.Petersbur

    g. I●t cannot be said that the city appears in a fa▓vorable light when viewed from the railroad.▓ The not over-elegant two-horse vehicle whic●h takes us and our baggage

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rattles ov●er miserable pavements, dirty from t●he melting snow, through broad, end▓less suburban streets.The houses● on either side are of only one● story, built

mostly of wood, their[P▓g 26] poverty-stricken appea▓rance being intensified here and there b●y three-storied barracks.Liquor-shops,▓ little second-hand stores, w▓ooden hu

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ts, with putrid garbage, follow ▓one another in a variety by no means ple▓asing.The passers-by, ill-clad, with the in●evitable rubber shoes, shuffle along the s▓lushy sidewalks; trucks with two or somet▓imes thr



ee horses, their necks bent under the b▓rightly painted Russian duga▓ (wooden yoke), a truly Gorki atmosphere in its● entirety.On

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e can scarcely believe that he i▓s entering one of the most b●rilliant cities of the continent.The● endless rows of stores

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with their two-storied ●sheds, which one passes on the way to ●the centre of the city, but sl●ightly improve one's first im

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pression, for even ●they are far removed from the splendor of th▓e capital. We finally reach the hotel to whic●h our mail has

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been addressed.It is an eno●rmous structure, more than two hundred● metres long.Yet it has no room fo▓r us.It is filled t

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o overflowing.It is ▓impossible to crowd in one more soul.We again t●ake our carriage.We drive from one hotel ▓to another

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宁河县 静海县 宝坻区 武清区 河北省 辛集市 藁城市 晋州市 新乐市 鹿泉市